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Landscape - From The Tea Rooms Of Mars... LP

Landscape - From The Tea Rooms Of Mars... LP

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Limited edition single LP reissue of the ground-breaking second album by electronic music pioneers Landscape. Remastered for the first time and pressed on natural coloured vinyl for RSD. Includes inner sheet containing full lyrics and a new sleevenote by Classic Pop founder Ian Peel.

Landscape is best known for the innovative electro-pop of Einstein a Go-Go and Norman Bates (both included on this LP), which were made into memorable videos. Formed in London, the band toured constantly during the late 1970s, playing jazz, punk and rock venues and releasing indie EPs.

With the "Tea-Rooms" LP, the group pioneered electronic music production, using computers, electronic drums and synthesisers to make influential recordings in the emerging genre of synthpop.

About this product: this is the Record Store Day '23 reissue on 'Natural'-colour vinyl.