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Converge - Bloodmoon: I 2LP

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"We wanted to do something grander than the typical four-piece Converge music.” That’s Converge vocalist Jacob Bannon talking about the seed of inspiration that eventually bloomed into "Bloodmoon: I", the new collaborative album created by the legendary hardcore band alongside dark songstress Chelsea Wolfe, her bandmate/writing partner Ben Chisholm and Cave In vocalist/guitarist Steve Brodsky.

“I’ve been a fan of Chelsea and Ben’s work for some time,” Bannon says. “I bought the Apokalypsis record from Aquarius Records in San Francisco, and Ben and I started communicating here and there. He had roots in this world of music, so it started to make sense that we could all work together in some way.”

“Ben introduced me to Converge when we started playing music together in 2009,” Wolfe says. “A couple of years later, we saw that Converge had put "Apokalypsis" on a year-end list, so we were totally fanning out about that. When they reached out to Ben about performing some Converge songs with new arrangements, I said, ‘I want in on that...’ And it seems like they were happy to have me along.”

Fast forward to a 2016 European tour and a rapturously received appearance at Roadburn that saw all seven musicians performing revamped Converge material. Overnight, what had started as a mutual admiration society had become one of the most formidable musical constellations in recent memory.

“We felt like there was enough energy in the live collaboration to actually create new music together,” Converge guitarist and "Bloodmoon: I" producer Kurt Ballou explains. “It just took a few years to free up the time to get together.”


1. Flower Moon
2. Blood Moon
3. Viscera of Men
4. Tongues Playing Dead
5. Lord of Liars
6. Coil
7. Failure Forever
8. Crimson Stone
9. Scorpion’s Sting
10. Blood Dawn
11. Daimon

About this product: this release is pressed on black/navy/neon purple mix vinyl, housed in a deluxe die-cut case.