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Comus - To Keep From Crying LP

Comus - To Keep From Crying LP

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"To Keep From Crying" is the second album by progressive folk band Comus, released in 1974. It featured a notably different lineup from their other releases, with the violin / viola and woodwind spots replaced by keyboards and a conventional drum kit.

The album's content has also been noted as sounding more mainstream than their earlier work, which centred more in conventional progressive rock and folk.


1. Down (Like a Movie Star)
2. Touch Down
3. Waves and Caves
4. Figure in Your Dreams
5. Children of the Universe
6. So Long Supernova
7. Perpetual Motion
8. Panophany
9. Get Yourself a Man
10. To Keep From Crying
11. After the Dream

About this product: this reissue is pressed on blue translucent vinyl.