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Various Artists - Cold Waves Of Colour LP

Various Artists - Cold Waves Of Colour LP

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1. Isotope [Void]
2. Silent Sky [Echophase]
3. Beserk [Beserker In A Hayfield]
4. Transit 6 [Silicon Valley]
5. Production Line [The Lord]
6. Bending a Border (Dub Version) [The Good Missionaries]
7. August Haze [Beserker In A Hayfield]
8. Continental Shift [Echophase]
9. Golden Age [Lives Of Angels]
10. Colliding World [Modern Art]
11. Pavillion [Lives Of Angels]

About this product: this compilation is pressed on black vinyl, limited to 500 copies.
It comes with a poster insert and a reproduction copy of issue 4 of "Purple Twilight", the labels' own fanzine from 1986 (a 12 page booklet).