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Cleo Sol - Rose In The Dark LP

Cleo Sol - Rose In The Dark LP

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The debut album from West London's Cleo Sol is the soothing soul masterpiece Rose In The Dark.

Comprised of 11 tracks crafted from threads of '70s jazz and '90s neo-soul - the album is perfect for those that love Jill Scott, Solange, Shaolin Soul, Minnie Ripperton and Lauryn Hill.

Produced by Inflo, who worked with Danger Mouse on Michael Kiwankua's last album "Kiwanuka", he gives the record a similar nostalgic sophistication and soul.


1. One Love
2. Why Don't You
3. Young Love
4. Rewind
5. Rose In the Dark
6. When I'm In Your Arms
7. Sideways
8. Butterfly
9. Sure of Myself
10. I Love You
11. Her Light

About this product: this release is pressed on black vinyl, housed in an oversized textured sleeve.