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Mick Harvey ‎- Intoxicated Man / Pink Elephants 2CD

Mick Harvey ‎- Intoxicated Man / Pink Elephants 2CD

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Mick Harvey's critically acclaimed Serge Gainsbourg interpretations.



1. 69 Erotic Year (69 Anneé Erotique)
2. Harley Davidson
3. Intoxicated Man
4. The Sun Directly Overhead (Sous Le Soleil Exactement)
5. Sex Shop
6. The Barrell of My 45 (Quand Mon 6.35 Me Fait Les Yeux Doux)
7. Ford Mustang
8. Overseas Telegram
9. New York USA
10. Bonnie & Clyde
11. Chatterton
12. The Song of Slurs (La Chanson de Slogan)
13. Jazz in the Ravine (Du Jazz Dans le Ravin)
14. I've Come to Tell You I'm Going (Je Suis Veno Te Dire Que Je M'en Vais)
15. Lemon Incest
16. Initials B.B.


1. Pink Elephants
2. Requiem.... (Le Requiem)
3. The Javanaise (La Javanaise)
4. Black Seaweed (Les Goemons)
5. Comic Strip
6. The Ticket Puncher of Lilas (Les Poinconneur des Lilas)
7. Non Affair = L'Anamour
8. Scenic Railway
9. To All the Lucky Kids (Aux Enfants de la Chance)
10. Anthracite
11. Manon
12. I Love You... Nor Do I (Je Time...Moi Non Plus)
13. The Ballad of Melody Nelson (Ballade de Melody Nelson)
14. Torrey Canyon
15. Who Is "In", Who Is "Out" (Qui Est "In", Qui Est "Out")
16. Hotel Specific (Hotel Particulier)
17. Dr. Jeckyll
18. Run from Happiness (Fuir Le Bonheur De Peur Qu'il Ne De Sauve)

About this product: this comes in a 6-panel digifile, housed in the outer panels, with a 20-page booklet of translated lyrics.