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OvO - Abisso LP

OvO - Abisso LP

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OvO are surely an underrated duo from Italy who brave untrodden territory in extreme music; most usually through drone, doom, dub, tribal and noise elements.

"Abisso" is basically a descent into horror and madness.

Starting with outright catchy and sludgey bangers Tokoloshi and I Cannibali (think of a tribal celebration with a guitar so downtuned it sounds like a bass), we slowly become more and more exposed to nightmarish hellscapes. These become apparent through tracks like A Dream Within a Dream (featuring Khanate/OLD's Alan Dubin on vocals) and the title track.

This is for anyone who likes doom/sludge with a good layer of horror on top.


1. Harmonica Microcosmica
2. Tokoloshi
3. I Cannibali
4. A Dream Within a Dream [feat. Alan Dubin]
5. Harmonica Macrocosmica
6. Aeneis
7. Abisso
8. Pandemonio
9. Ab Uno
10. Fly Little Demon [feat. Evangelista and Carla Bozuilich] 

About this product: this is the 2013 limited edition 180g vinyl pressing.