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Steven Wilson - Eminent Sleaze 12"

Steven Wilson - Eminent Sleaze 12"

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Vinyl release of the new single from Steven Wilson featuring a couple of exclusive remixes,

Eminent Sleaze is a wholly unethical life lesson strapped to a piece of grimy, low-slung funk, and as much a departure from Steven’s previous records as its immediate predecessor.

A limited edition 12” of Eminent Sleaze will be released as part of 2020's third and final RSD drop on October 24th. The 12” vinyl features exclusive tracks recorded during the album sessions, Eyewitness and In Floral Green.


1. Eminent Sleaze
2. Eyewitness
3. In Floral Green

About this product: this single is pressed on 12" black vinyl, limited pressing of 1200 copies.