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Can - Tago Mago CD

Can - Tago Mago CD

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Ok This is perhaps Can's finest album.

"Tago Mago" was Can's third long-player originally released in 1971, and the second album to feature the vocals of Damo Suzuki, who took over from Malcolm Mooney.

Generally considered as the band's best work, consisting of intensely rhythmic jazz-inspired drumming, improvised guitar and keyboard soloing, tape edits and Suzuki's idiosyncratic vocalisms.

Seven mighty tracks with the band at their kosmische psychedelic peak through seminal tracks such as Mushroom and the side-long pieces Halleluwah and Aumgan.


1. Paperhouse
2. Mushroom
3. Oh Yeah
4. Halleluhwah
5. Aumgn
6. Peking O
7. Bring Me Tea or Coffee

About this product: this remaster/reissue comes in a jewel case.