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David Byrne & St Vincent - Love This Giant CD

David Byrne & St Vincent - Love This Giant CD

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David Byrne and St Vincent reissue their album, "Love This Giant", via 4AD.

Recorded over two years largely at water music in Hoboken, NJ, the album is a collaboration in the truest sense of the word, with Byrne and St Vincent (aka Annie Clark) co-writing ten of the album's twelve tracks, and each artist penning one song individually.

The album centers around an explosive brass band and is propelled by John Congleton's drum programming.


1. Who
2. Weekend in the Dust
3. Dinner for Two
4. Ice Age
5. I am a Ape
6. The Forest Awakes
7. I Should Watch TV
8. Lazarus
9. Optimist
10. Lightning
11. The One Who Broke Your Heart
12. Outside of Space & Time