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HMS Morris - Pastille EP

HMS Morris - Pastille EP

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This EP features an extended version of Partypooper and an exclusive track, Marshmallow, only available on vinyl.

Hailing from Cardiff, HMS Morris make a colourful, eclectic and eccentric sound. They’ve previously cited the work of the late Syd Barrett as an influence but their penchant for creating sparkling avantgarde music as deliriously catchy as it is experimental also makes them comparable to their Welsh contemporaries.

There’s elements of Gwenno’s bilingual synth-laden pop, touches of Cat le Bon’s otherworldly psychedelic songcraft and lashes of the quirky multi-instrumental indie alt-pop of Gruff Rhys.


1. Partypooper
2. Poetry
3. Babanod
4. Myfyrwyr Rhygwladol
5. Marshmallow

About this product: this EP is pressed on 12" 'Pastille Blue' vinyl and includes a pin. Limited pressing of 100 copies.