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Burning Ferns - World Of The Wars CD

Burning Ferns - World Of The Wars CD

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Five years on from their acclaimed second album “Public Mono”, Burning Ferns return with a new LP “World Of The Wars”. And my oh my, how things have changed.

“World Of The Wars” is the sound of a band grappling with the world going to hell, and making sense of it through the medium of pristine guitar pop. Initially recorded remotely in the face of Covid lockdown and completed at their Le Mons studio, Newport in 2021/22, it is an album of relentless musicality and guile.

Songwriter Tony Gray displays unerring quality control to deliver 12 startling new songs that push on from the power pop of previous releases to more widescreen musical aspirations.


1. We're in the Wars
2. Tell Me Something I Don't Know
3. Oh No! Bonobo
4. Frustration
5. The Bank of No
6. Nothing to Hide
7. It's About Time
8. Digging Your Heels
9. Roadmen
10. Danger in the Western Hemisphere
11. Till Tomorrow
12. The Town Crier

About this product: this CD is housed in a digipack.