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Various Artists - All You Need Is Love (Beatles Reggae Songs) LP

Various Artists - All You Need Is Love (Beatles Reggae Songs) LP

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As Beatlemania approached its peak, Jamaican music was undergoing a transition that started with ska, and then morphed into rocksteady, before assuming its ultimate form as reggae. Inevitably these cultures collided, with artists such as the Paragons and Marcia Grifths establishing a tradition of creating dynamic reggae covers of the Beatles’ hits that continues to this day.

This album extends this lineage, as some of the best reggae Reggae artists set out on a series of version excursions that include some of the Fab Four’s best loved bitter-sweet cuts.


1. And I Love Her (Barry Biggs)
2. While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Barry Biggs)
3. Let It Be (Barry Biggs)
4. We Can Work It Out (Barry Biggs)
5. And I Love Her (Errol Dunkley)
7. You Will Never Know (I'll Be Back) (Errol Dunkley)
8. Blackbird (JC Lodge)
9. If I Fell (JC Lodge)
10. If I Needed Someone (Owen Gray)
11. Jealous Guy (Owen Gray)
12. The Fool On The Hill (Owen Gray)
13. Here Comes The Sun (Susan Cadogan)

About this product: this release is pressed on 180g red vinyl.