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The Fall - Imperial Wax Solvent LP

The Fall - Imperial Wax Solvent LP

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The Fall were an English post-punk band, formed in Manchester in 1976. The band existed until 2018 and was essentially built around its founder and only constant member Mark E. Smith.

Initially associated with the punk movement of the late 1970s, the group's music went through several stylistic changes over the years, but is often characterised by an abrasive guitar-driven sound and frequent use of repetition, and is always underpinned by Smith's distinctive vocals and often cryptic lyrics.


1. Alton Towers
2. Wolf Kidult Man
3. 50 Year Old Man
4. I've Been Duped
5. Strange Town
6. Taurig
7. Can Can Summer
8. Tommy Shooter
9. Latch Key Kid
10. Is This New
11. Senior Twilight Stock Replacer
12. Exploding Chimney

About this product: this reissue is pressed on black vinyl.