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The Fall - Live At The Witch Trials LP

The Fall - Live At The Witch Trials LP

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"Live at the Witch Trials" is the debut studio album - released 16th March 1979 - these editions celebrate the fortieth anniversary of this seminal album.

Originally released through record label Step-Forward, it was recorded in a single day and mixed by producer Bob Sargeant. Mark E. Smith’s lyrics include his unique commentary on the music business (Music Scene), poorly paid jobs (Industrial Estate) and drugs (No Xmas For John Quays, Like to Blow, Frightened, Underground Medecin).


1. Frightened
2. Crap Rap 2 / Like to Blow
3. Rebellious Jukebox
4. No Xmas for John Quays
5. Various Times
6. Underground Medecin
7. Two Steps Back
8. Live at the Witch Trials
9. Futures & Pasts
10. Music Scene

About this product: this reissue is pressed on 180g red vinyl with an inner bag, features the US artwork and tracklisting.