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Big Lad - Pro Rock LP - Tangled Parrot

Big Lad - Pro Rock LP

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This is the first album by the duo under the Big Lad name, who had released their self-titled debut in 2015 under the name Shitwife.

Self-described as a "two headed drum trigger noise party machine", Big Lad continues to dive into the breakcore realm of electronic music (with acoustic drums) while delivering a fun and frantic time. In case you need it, you do get some nice atmospheric breathers with tracks like Banana Split and Micheal J Decaprio as well.

We highly recommend you see them live if you get the chance (Henri Grimes is a beast! - Rich)


1. Intro
2. Ricky Balboa
3. Jimmy's Benzole Plant
4. Dave Aoki
5. Macho Randy Savage
6. Banana Split
7. Ted Banger
8. Micheal J Decaprio
9. Party Salad
10. Donald Tramp
11. Eating Food and Fighting Wizards
12. Outro

About this product: pressed on transparent yellow vinyl and the tracklist appears on the spine of the cover.