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Bob Vylan - Bob Vylan Presents The Price Of Life LP

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Bob Vylan’s hugely anticipated new album "Bob Vylan Presents The Price Of Life" through their own Ghost Theatre record label.

Speaking on the new project, frontman Bobby explains a bit more about the album, it's themes and ideas for this next phase for Bob Vylan:

"This project is allowing us the space to showcase different sides of our personalities. We don’t want to give the same thing over and over again, so we’re tackling topics in a different way this time. It’s serious and funny, it’s communal and obnoxious, it’s many things at any given time, and it’s a concept project. It explores the idea of paying your way through life and the expense of living in a society that places money above all else. It explores the places we’ve come from and the extremes we’ve seen people go to in order to survive. It also looks at the nuances around money in our society, the less obvious connections, like the world of advertising and art having to align with advertisers' values in order to be given a platform, as well as the price of healthy eating, the cost of technology not necessarily on our pockets but on our lives."

This band are all about community, and for them, their live show is a place where they can really express that. At each show, they start off with mediation and end with a group hug, but what’s between the meditative start and embracing end is a message delivered in a way that both Bobby and Bobbie feel has been missing.


1. Walter Speaks
2. Wicked & Bad
3. Big Man
4. Take That
5. Health is Wealth
6. He Sold Guns
7. Must Be More
8. Pretty Songs
9. Turn Off the Radio
10. GDP
11. Bait the Bear
12. Phone Tap (Alexa)
13. Drug War
14. Whatchugonnado?

About this product: this release is pressed on red vinyl, limited pressing of 700 copies.