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Bloody Head - The Temple Pillars Dissolve Into The Clouds LP

Bloody Head - The Temple Pillars Dissolve Into The Clouds LP

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Bloody Head.

Any interpretation of these two words, collectively, leads to a singular conclusion: Something has gone wrong. This is the essence of Bloody Head; the acceptance, reflection, celebration and battle against things (mind/body/spirit) going very wrong. It is the manifestation of things getting wonky and breaking, revelry in destruction and decay. Broken (brain/dick/mind) blues. Bleak party bangers as a soundtrack to our collective slow motion apocalypse. What does the future hold for Bloody Head? Fuck knows. Everything. Nothing. More/less of the same, whatever that is....

"The Temple Pillars Disappear Into the Clouds" is the title of the new record from Bloody Head, recorded mostly live at Stuck on a Name Studios by St. Ian Boult.

Both wilder and more restrained than previous efforts. Punk? Noise rock? Psych? Sludge? All/none of the above, but the keen eared seeker of the weird may detect snippets of Les Rallizes Denudes, Kilslug, Brainbombs, Rudimentary Peni, Mainliner, Hawkwind, Donovan amongst the sonic morass.

Lyrically it deals with big concepts, tumbling down. Dualism? Taoism? A beautiful garden or a broken jaw? Human endeavours losing
 track of themselves and getting lost in the clouds of their own creation. Ascend to Nirvana or fall into the Abyss. As above, so below....


1. This Could Be Paradise
2. Homeopathic Mountains
3. Discordia
4. Your World is as Old as You
5. Glory Holes
6. Psychick Warfare
7. The Process of Forever
8. St. Elsewhere and the Altar Coincidence

About this product: this is pressed on black vinyl, a very limited pressing of 100 copies.