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Bloody Head - Freedom/Mobility/Speed EP

Bloody Head - Freedom/Mobility/Speed EP

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Bloody Head. Any interpretation of these two words, collectively, leads to a singular conclusion: Something has gone wrong.

This is the essence of Bloody Head; the acceptance, reflection, celebration and battle against things (mind/body/spirit) going very wrong. It is the manifestation of things getting wonky and breaking, revelry in destruction and decay.

Broken (brain/dick/mind) blues. Bleak party bangers as a soundtrack to our collective slow motion apocalypse. What does the future hold for Bloody Head? Fuck knows. Everything. Nothing. More/less of the same, whatever that is....


1. Gotta Lotta Love
2. Full of Nothing
3. Broke Dick Blues
4. This is War! (Okay, Wow)
5. Upstairs/Downstairs/Nowhere / Rats/Rats/Rats

About this product: this release is pressed on black vinyl, housed in a paper fold-out sleeve. Includes a zine-like lyric book and download code.

Limited pressing of 150.