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Toshiya Tsunoda - Landscape And Voice LP

Toshiya Tsunoda - Landscape And Voice LP

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Black Truffle is pleased to present "Landscape and Voice", a radical new work (and rare vinyl release) from major Japanese sound artist Toshiya Tsunoda.

The record consists of three pieces, each using a different, richly evocative field recording, which periodically freezes, catching on a looped fragment to which is synchronised an abruptly looped spoken vowel sound. The lengths between these interruptions vary, as do the tempo of the loops.

The interruption of these lushly immersive recordings of the world – bristling with bird song, rushing water, distant traffic, and clinking metal – only serves to intensify them, as if the depicted environment itself had been returned to the listener each time it abruptly reappears. At the same time, the constant interruption creates an uncannily frozen effect, as if the recorded environment were an object rather than a stretch of recorded time. When combined with the bare human presence of the vowel sounds, the result is both austere and magical.

Pressed on 45RPM for maximum fidelity, in a gorgeous sleeve designed by Lasse Marhaug with liner notes from the composer, "Landscape and Voice" is a radical proposition from one of the deepest thinkers in contemporary sound.


1. At the Port
2. Studies
3. In the Grass Field

About this product: this release is pressed black vinyl.