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The Obsessed - Incarnate (Ultimate Edition) CD/LP

The Obsessed - Incarnate (Ultimate Edition) CD/LP

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2020 is the 40th anniversary of the founding of The Obsessed, one of the preeminent bands in the stoner/doom scene worldwide for nearly 40 years.

Since The Obsessed's earliest days, the band accumulated dozens of B-Sides, covers, alternate takes and demos, many of which were issued on a variety of compilations and an early-2000s collection called Incarnate.

Long out of print, Blues Funeral Recordings' new ultimate edition of The Obsessed "Incarnate" is completely remastered, features the addition of 4 new tracks, and is packaged with all new artwork, photos, and all-new extensive liner notes written by Wino himself to tell the stories behind each long-lost gem.


1. Yen Sleep
2. Concrete Cancer
3. Peckerwood Stomp
4. Inside Looking Out
5. Mental Kingdom
6. Sodden Jackal
7. Iron & Stone
8. Indestroy
9. Mourning
10. Spirit Caravan [Black Sabbath cover]
11. Skybone
12. On the Hunt [feat. Dale Crover]
13. No Blame
14. Neatz Brigade
15. Hiding Mask
16. Endless Circle (Live)
17. Streetside
18. Climate of Despair
19. Decimation
20. Fears Machine
21. Field of Hours

About this product: this is the September Record Store Day '20 reissue available on CD and 2LP.

The 2LP is pressed on translucent yellow vinyl.