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Cro-Mags - Best Wishes CD

Cro-Mags - Best Wishes CD

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Best Wishes is the second album by the New York hardcore band Cro-Mags. It was released on April 26, 1989 via Profile Records.

The album's cover reflected the band's interest in the Hare Krishna religion which started with previous singer John Joseph and then carried on through Harley Flanagan who also became a devotee. Their next album, "Alpha Omega", saw the return of John Joseph to the Cro-Mags fold, and an even further gravitation towards a metal sound.

After the short, sharp bursts of song encountered on their previous album, "The Age of Quarrel", this album saw a complete change of style as Cro-Mags entered the crossover thrash and thrash metal arena, complete with guitar solos. The songs became longer – averaging around four minutes, whereas over half of Quarrel's songs came in under the two-minute mark. There were two line-up changes from the previous album – most notably, John Joseph's departure paved the way for Harley Flanagan to take up both bass and vocal duties.