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Ian Carr's Nucleus - Roots LP

Ian Carr's Nucleus - Roots LP

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From the wild cover to the iconic breakbeats, "Roots" from Ian Carr’s Nucleus is one of the dopest albums we know. This is seriously thick, funky-prog jazz-rock heaven.

Originally released on Vertigo in 1973, other than a couple of versions at the time for other territories, "Roots" was never re-pressed since so it’s gone on to become another one of those impossible to find records. Maybe it was a little too out there for the time, but it aged very, very well indeed and this reissue/remaster from the original analogue tapes, shows off just why this deserves to be back in press.


1. Roots
2. Images
3. Caliban
4. Whapatiti
5. Capricorn
6. Odokamona 
7. Southern Roots and Celebrations

About this product: this is pressed on 140g black vinyl.