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Bernard Herrmann - Taxi Driver (OST) LP

Bernard Herrmann - Taxi Driver (OST) LP

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Bernard Herrman's brilliant score in full, some choice dialogue juxtaposed with extra Herrman compositions, and some jazz inflected arrangements from David Blume.

Herrman died only a day after this recording was finished, and anyone who has seen this seminal film will realise what a powerful piece of music he created: dark, atmospheric and brooding.


1. Theme from "Taxi Driver"
2. I Work the Whole City
3. Betsy in a White Dress
4. The Days Do Not End
5. Reprise: Theme from "Taxi Driver"
6. Diary of a Taxi Driver
7. Theme from "Taxi Driver"
8. The .44 Magnum is a Monster
9. Sport and Iris
10. God's Lonely Man (End Title)

About this product: this is pressed on 180g black vinyl.