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Ezra Furman - Twelve Nudes CD/LP

Ezra Furman - Twelve Nudes CD/LP

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1. Calm Down AKA I Should Not be Alone
2. Evening Prayers AKA Justice
3. Transition From Nowhere to Nowhere
4. Rated R Crusaders
5. Trauma
6. Thermometer
7. I Wanna be Your Girlfriend
8. Blown
9. My Teeth Hurt
10. In America
11. What Can You Do But Rock 'N' Roll
12. On Your Own

About this product: this is available on CD and LP formats.

The CD comes in a digipack

The LP is the limited edition pressing on 180g yellow vinyl, housed in gatefold packaging.

Track B5 ends with a locked groove, and there's an untitled track B6 hidden after the locked groove. The title is not listed on the physical vinyl release, but named in the included MP3 download.