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Sauveur Mallia - Space Oddities 1979-1984 LP

Sauveur Mallia - Space Oddities 1979-1984 LP

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Born Bad continue their mind-expanding and totally essential series of library music "Space Oddities" compilations with this set focusing on French musician and composer Sauveur Mallia.

In the ever-expanding universe of 70s and 80s French library music, Mallia holds a special place; his career, multifaceted work and the uniqueness of his talent have made him an exemplary figure in the unsung world of library musicians.

In those years a few of them, often for economical reasons, would set off on a space conquest, taking along just a few synthesisers. Their ambition well surpassed the modesty of their means; it was in turn the condition to their experimentations with sound which were to create a new sonic space: that of a nation tumbling into modernity. From French soil to the farthest reaches of the cosmos, there were just a few steps to take.


1. Space People
2. Exotic Guide
3. Reggae Direction
4. Supersmurf
5. Robot Avenue
6. Double Polygone
7. Synthetic Suspense
8. Synthetic Neutron
9. Smurfissimo
10. All the Bass
11. Spacial Escapade
12. African Break
13. Electronic Africa
14. Star Odyssey

About this product: this is pressed on black vinyl and includes a download code.