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Faust - Fresh Air LP - Tangled Parrot

Faust - Fresh Air LP

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In these community recordings, with friendly support from Péron's database of field recordings, a strongly shaded noise music emerged which extends its feelers to the remotest corners of the here and now.

Droning, swinging, lusting for freedom, here and there holding out quite stoically as machine-room blues.

On board are the freely fabulous Barbara Manning in a live lecture, Jürgen Engler (Die Krupps) in overdub and Ysanne Spevack as a wonderful wavemaker on the viola.


1. Fresh Air
2. Birds of Texas
3. Partitur
4. La Poulie
5. Chlorophyl
6. Lights Flickr
7. Fish

About this product: this is pressed on black vinyl, issued with a printed inner sleeve and a CD of the album.