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Domenique Dumont - People On Sunday CD/LP

Domenique Dumont - People On Sunday CD/LP

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"People On Sunday" is the original soundtrack to the 1930 silent film variously known as "Menschen am Sonntag", "Les Hommes le Dimanche" and "People On Sunday". The film is a key work of interwar German cinema, based on a screenplay by Billy Wilder.


1. Arrival
2. Gone for a Wander
3. Sunshine in 1929
4. Water Theme (Le Château de Corail)
5. We Almost Got Lost
6. Falling Asleep Under Pine Trees
7. People on Sunday
8. Merry-Go-Round
9. Running Down the Hill
10. Rituals
11. Watching Boats Pass By
12. Back to Everyday Life
13. Everyday Life

About this product: this is available in CD and LP formats.

The CD is limited to 1000 copies.

The LP is pressed on standard black vinyl and comes with a download code.