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Baptists - Bushcraft LP

Baptists - Bushcraft LP

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Vancouver Canadas' Baptists lay down absolutely unrelenting, chaotic, punishing hardcore. 

The result is a dark, seething non-stop battering. The drumming on this is without question some of the best that there has ever been. This is a band completely firing on all cylinders and laying waste to everything in their path.

A truly classic debut album. For fans of Cursed, Trap Them, etc.


1. Betterment
2. Think Tank Breed
3. Bullets
4. In Droves
5. Still Melt
6. Mortarhead
7. Crutching Trails
8. Bushcraft
9. Soiled Roots
10. Russian Spirits
11. Abandon

About this product: this release is pressed on black vinyl, housed in a gatefold sleeve.