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Band Of Cloud - A For Andromeda LP

Band Of Cloud - A For Andromeda LP

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The journey along the 'Space Time Continuum' brings us to "A For Andromeda" - the second album from Band Of Cloud following the success and critical acclaim for the 2022 debut album "This Is Tomorrow". Band Of Cloud return quickly with the album "A For Andromeda".

Written and recorded by David Owen (The Hollow Men, Storm Chorus, The FLK) and Peter Bingham (Sendelica, The Lost Stoned Pandas etc.). It's 4 tracks of hypnotic, psychedelic ambiance, floating through space and drifting through time. Sometimes, it's an assault on the senses. Othertimes, it's an LSD trip without drugs. Occasionally, it's Spermatozoic colour and sound. Possibly, it's a signal from another galaxy. Maybe, it's an instruction for design.

Limited to 300 copies on white vinyl including postcards and sticker.


1. Evening Star
2. Into the Mothership
3. Flashing Strobelights
4. Andromeda

About this product: this release is pressed on white vinyl. Includes two postcards and a sticker.