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Bad Brains - Black Dots LP

Bad Brains - Black Dots LP

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"Black Dots" contains the first full-length session of Bad Brains in a studio.

It was recorded at Inner Ear Studios in 1979, which at the time was in Don Zientara's basement. The tapes sat in Arlington, VA for 17 years, until they were mixed and released in 1996 by Caroline Records.

It's an outstanding document of the band at the start of their career, sounding fierce, loud and at their best.


1. Don't Need It
2. At the Atlantis
3. Pay to Cum
4. Supertouch / Shitfit
5. Regulator
6. You're a Migraine
7. Don't Bother Me
8. Banned in D.C.
9. Why'd You Have to Go?
10. The Man Won't Annoy Ya
11. Redbone in the City
12. Black Dots
13. How Low Can a Punk Get?
14. Just Another Damn Song
15. Attitude
16. Send You No Flowers

About this product: this reissue is pressed on 180g black vinyl, includes a printed inner.