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Sublime - Nugs: The Best Of The Box LP

Sublime - Nugs: The Best Of The Box LP

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First ever compilation of highlights from the "Everything Under The Sun" rarities boxset.


1. Foolish Fool
2. Ebennz Change (Demo)
3. Get Out! (Acoustic Version)
4. Angelo (4-Track)
5. Lou Makes Friends
6. Youth are Getting Restless (Live)
7. We're Only Gonna Die (Live)
8. Great Stone
9. Prophet
10. Miami
11. Caress Me Dub
12. '89 Vision
13. I Love My Dog Dub
14. New Realization (Acoustic Version)
15. Real Situation
16. Doin' Time (Snoop Dogg Remix)

About this product: this is the Record Store Day '19 compilation on yellow and red starburst vinyl, includes printed insert containing credits and photographs. Limited to 5000 copies.