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The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Mini Album Thingy Wingy LP

The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Mini Album Thingy Wingy LP

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"Mini Album Thingy Wingy" features seven brand new and exclusive tracks recorded by Anton Newcombe in is his studio in Berlin in 2014 and 2015. Running at over 34 minutes, the mini album is co-produced, engineered and mixed by Fabien Leseure.

This release contains four self written songs by Anton Newcombe, a co write of the band's first Slovakian song (Prsi Prsi) with Vladimir Nosal, another co write (Pish) with Tess Parks and a cover of the 13th Floor Elevator's track Dust which features Alex Maas from the Black Angels on jug.

Originally, Anton Newcombe was heavily influenced by The Rolling Stones' psychedelic phase, but his work in the 2000s has expanded into aesthetic dimensions approximating the UK Shoegazing genre of the 1990s and incorporating influences from world music, especially Middle Eastern and Brazilian music.

This album brings the traditional Brian Jonestown Massacre sound mixed with eastern influences and bringing it up to date with the benefit of all the additional weirdness that's been discovered in the past 40 years.


1. Pish
2. Prší Prší
3. Get Some
4. Dust
5. Leave It Alone
6. Mandrake Handshake
7. Here Comes the Waiting for the Sun

About this product: this is pressed on 180g black vinyl.