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audiobooks ‎- Now! (In A Minute) LP

audiobooks ‎- Now! (In A Minute) LP

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London-based Evangeline Ling and (acclaimed producer) David Wrench have just signed to Heavenly to launch their debut album together. Warpaint’s Stella Mozgawa is the only other player on the album adding some percussive moments.

Sweet female vocals weave a surreal story that’s duetted with electronics and the occasional crooning swain. Behind are soft and subtle ticking beats. The ghosts of pop songs swoop around playing throw and catch with glitched synths and mega-choirs.

Girl / boy back and forth vocals share their songs with squelching, frothing synths whirring and popping. Some gentle dub drifts in for a visitation before being banished to make way for more pop. Skewiff synths slide and quiver and fry your brain.


1. Mother Hen
2. Hot Salt
3. It Get Be So Swansea
4. Friends in the Bubblebath
5. Womanly Blood
6. Grandma Jimmy
7. Dance Your Life Away
8. Call Of Duty Free
9. Period Talk
10. Spooky Algorithms
11. Dealing With Hoarders
12. Car Sick
13. Pebbles

About this product: this release is pressed on white vinyl.