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Arthur Lyman - Island Vibes LP

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A lost gem from the exotica pioneer's catalog: the rarest of all Arthur Lyman releases — and his last recorded album — "Island Vibes" a meditative tropical canvas of the Hawaiian Islands’ natural beauty. A welcomed sonic transport to paradise, much needed in these times of chaos.

Originally recorded with Broad Records, who’s responsible for Phase 7’s Playtime and other important 1970s and 80s-era local records.


1.'Imi Au la 'Oe (King's Serenade)
2. Waipi'o
3. Old Plantation (Ku'u Home)
4. Medley: Pua Mana (Sea Breeze) / Paoa Kalani / Whispering Reef
5. The Magic Islands
6. Akaka Falls
7. Shells
8. Hana
9. Medley: Manu 'O'o / Yellow Bird

About this product: this remaster/reissue is pressed on clear vinyl with stereo mastering.