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Gazelle Twin - The Entire City (Special Edition) 2CD/LP

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In 2011 Gazelle Twin self-released "The Entire City", a debut album that gathered rapid acclaim and sparked a decade of creativity during which its creator, Elizabeth Bernholz has built big upon her foundation of dark, cinematic energy. The album is now set to be reissued on deluxe CD, together with The Wastelands, a mini “twin” album of material made around the same period, though never released commercially.

Where "The Entire City" remains intact with its original master and tracklisting on the 2CD edition, "The Wastelands" expands on this shadowy, futurescape, featuring foreboding, percussive songwriting, with euphoric choral swells. The release features the captivating photo collage artwork of British artist, Suzanne Moxhay.


1. The Entire City
2. Concrete Mother
3. Men Like Gods
4. I am Shell I am Bone
5. Far from Home
6. Changelings
7. Bell Tower
8. When I Was Otherwise
9. Obelisk
10. Nest
11. Fight-or-Flight
12. View of a Mountain

About this product: this reissue is available on 2CD and LP formats.

The 2CD includes "The Entire City" and "The Wastelands".

The LP is pressed on silver vinyl ("The Entire City" only).