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The Aliens - Doorway Amnesia OST 12"

The Aliens - Doorway Amnesia OST 12"

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Formed from the ashes of The Beta Band, The Aliens blazed a trail with two critically acclaimed LP's in the mid to late Noughties – hitting the UK official charts as well as Hollywood film & TV - before mysteriously vanishing from the Humanoid star system.

Their recent unexpected return continues apace with RSD 2021 exclusive, "Doorway Amnesia", released on limited edition violet sparkle coloured 12” vinyl.

"Doorway Amnesia" is an exploration of extraterrestrials on Earth so fans can expect psychedelic electronica, widescreen string sections, trippy ambient sonics, birdsong and the horrific sound of cattle mutilation.


1. I'm Leaving the Future
2. Doorway Amnesia

About this product: this is the Record Store Day' 21 release on 12" 'Violet Sparkle' vinyl.