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Les Baxter - The Ritual Of The Savage LP

Les Baxter - The Ritual Of The Savage LP

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A classic album by the late American composer and arranger and king of easy listening genres and countless B-movie soundtracks.

"Ritual of the Savage" is often recognized as one of the most important exotica albums of all time. Featuring lush orchestral arrangements along with African rhythms, it delivered such popular and well-known compositions as Quiet Village, Jungle River Boat, Love Dance and Stone God.

Following a long multi-faceted career as a tenor sax player, composer and arranger for swing bands (incl. Artie Shaw), and a populist music singer (as a member of Mel Tormé's Mel-Tones), he went on to develop his own style of easy listening music (later labelled as lounge and exotica), much of which composed and arrange for film soundtracks.


1. Busy Port
2. Sophisticated Savage
3. Jungle Boat River
4. Jungle Flower
5. Barquita
6. Stone God
7. Quiet Village
8. Jungle Jalopy
9. Coronation
10. Love Dance
11. Kinkajou
12. The Ritual

About this product: this is pressed on 180g yellow vinyl.