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Tegan & Sara - Still Jealous LP

Tegan & Sara - Still Jealous LP

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Tegan and Sara revisit the indie-pop duo's 2004 breakout album, "So Jealous", on a new version of the record titled, "Still Jealous". It features the original's 14 tracks, all of which have been re-recorded acoustically, with the twin sisters singing each other's songs.

The reimagined album will be available on 12" opaque red vinyl and limited to 750 copies in the UK.


1. You Wouldn't Like Me
2. Take Me Anywhere
3. I Bet It Stung
4. I Know I Know I Know
5. Where Does the Good Go
6. Downtown
7. I Won't Be Left
8. Walking with a Ghost
9. So Jealous
10. Speak Slow
11. Wake Up Exhausted
12. We Didn't Do It
13. Fix You Up
14. I Can't Take It

About this product: this is the Record Store Day '22 reissue on opaque red vinyl.