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The Civil Wars ‎- Barton Hollow CD

The Civil Wars ‎- Barton Hollow CD

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1. 20 Years
2. I've Got This Friend
3. C'est La Mort
4. To Whom it May Concern
5. Poison & Wine
6. My Father's Father
7. Barton Hollow
8. The Violet Hour
9. Girl with the Red Balloon
10. Falling
11. Forget Me Not
12. Birds of a Feather
13. Billie Jean [Michael Jackson cover, Live]
14. I Want You Back [The Corporation cover]
15. Dance Me to the End of Love [Leonard Cohen cover]
16. You Are My Sunshine [The Carter Family cover]
17. Goodbye Girl (Acoustic)
18. Marionette (Demo)

About this product: this is the reissue with 6 bonus tracks, comes in a gatefold cardboard sleeve with a booklet.