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Rory Gallagher - Cleveland Calling LP

Rory Gallagher - Cleveland Calling LP

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Recovered from the depths of the Rory Gallagher archive comes "Cleveland Calling", a previously unreleased acoustic radio session by Rory Gallagher recorded at WNCR in Cleveland on August 7th 1972.

This intimate 45-minute, 8-song acoustic session and interview with DJ Carolyn Thomas was found on a small 7” reel and released for the first time specially for Record Store Day 2020.


1. Pistol Slapper Blues
2. Don't Know Where I'm Going
3. Gypsy Woman
4. Out of My Mind
5. The Cuckoo
6. Bankers Blues
7. Should've Learnt My Lesson

About this product: this is the October Record Store Day '20 release on black vinyl, limited pressing of 1500 copies.