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Sleep - Dopesmoker 2LP - Tangled Parrot

Sleep - Dopesmoker 2LP

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There's enough to say about this album/track, and the history behind it, to put out an essay.

"Dopesmoker" (or "Jerusalem", a version of the song cut up into separate tracks) has a legacy for good reason, and many many myths behind it. The track came into fruition while the band was on tour, through soundchecks and hotel rooms, and would take years before it was recorded, heavily influenced by the use of marijuana. This mammoth - at just under 64-minutes in length - takes you on a sublime journey thanks to cavernous riffs, trudging grooves, Middle Eastern-influenced solos and infectious chants.

'Follow the smoke toward the riff-filled land.'


- CD -

1. Dopesmoker
2. Holy Mountain (Live @ The I-Beam SF, CA. May 1994)

- 2LP -

1. Dopesmoker
2. Holy Mountain (Live @ The I-Beam SF, CA. May 1994)
3. Sonic Titan (Live @ 935 Gilman Street, Berkeley, CA, April 1992)

About this product: this reissue is available on CD and 2LP formats.

The CD comes in an embossed digipack with an OBI strip.

The 2LP is pressed on 2x vinyl, housed in gatefold packaging.