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Conan - Monnos LP - Tangled Parrot

Conan - Monnos LP

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"Monnos" is the debut that set doom titans Conan on an incredible trajectory; placing them on insane festival line-ups and supports while simultaneously selling out their own headline tours worldwide. They also garnered praise from metal legends such as Matt Pike (Sleep, High On Fire) and Max Cavalera (Sepultura, Soulfly, Nailbomb, etc).

This album continues Conan's signature earth-rumbling, down-tuned doom metal (from their previous splits and EPs) with less intimidating song lengths. The trio at the time quite literally rumble their way through songs based on video games and comics, with bellows that sound like warnings echoing through mountains.

Heavy, just very very heavy,


1. Hawk as Weapon
2. Battle In The Swamp
3. Grim Tormentor
4. Golden Axe
5. Headless Hunter
6. Invincible Throne

About this product: 180g black vinyl, comes with a Peaceville Records "30 years of vile vibes" slip inside.