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Bongzilla - Stash LP

Bongzilla - Stash LP

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This is the 1999 debut album by stoner-sludge monsters Bongzilla, who are well known for their swamp-drenched and marijuana-stinkin' approach to sludge.

While it is the following albums that would push Bongzilla (and ex-bassist Dave "Dixie" Collins) to cult status in the metal underground, "Stash" proves from the get-go that the band could take things in a dirtier and nastier level. It's like imagining Iron Monkey's alternative selves rise up from the swamps of Wisconsin after years of listening to blues on a fucked up radio.


1. Gestation
2. Sacred Smoke
3. American
4. Budgun / T.H.C.
5. Prohibition (4th Amendment)
6. Grog Lady
7. Harvest
8. P.O.W.
9. Under the Sun [Black Sabbath cover]

About this product: This is the limited edition black vinyl reissue; limited to 500 copies.