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YOB - Our Raw Heart LP - Tangled Parrot

YOB - Our Raw Heart LP

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The eighth full-length "Our Raw Heart" from YOB maintains one of the strongest catalogues by any metal band going.

This addition came after a turbulent health period for guitarist/vocalist Mike Scheidt and was written from a hospital bed, so it's just all the more incredible how this translates into a 73-minute long psych-prog doom setting. You can expect waves of riffs that will either wash over or crush you, as Mike's unique vocals switch between hoarse cleans and beckoning growls, guiding you in a journey to enlightenment.

Incredible beauty.


1. Ablaze
2. The Screen
3. In Reverie
4. Lungs Reach
5. Beauty in Falling Leaves
6. Original Face
7. Our Raw Heart

About this product: comes in gatefold packaging and includes a download code. Limited to 2500 copies.