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Norah Jones - Playdate EP

Norah Jones - Playdate EP

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A limited edition 12” featuring some of Norah’s latest collaborations, limited to 2000 copies, "Playdate" features Norah alongside Mavis Staples, Tarriona Tank Ball and Rodrigo Amaranteplus along with some solo songs of her own.


1. Falling [feat. Rodrigo Amarante]
2. I’ll Be Gone [feat. Mavis Staples]
3. Street Stranger
4. Take It Away [feat. Tarriona Tank Ball]
5. Playing Along [feat. Tarriona Tank Ball]
6. I Forgot [feat. Rodrigo Amarante]
7. Tryin’ To Keep It Together

About this product: this is the RSD Black Friday release on 12" black vinyl, limited pressing of 2000 copies.