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High Contrast - Notes From The Underground CD/2LP

High Contrast - Notes From The Underground CD/2LP

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The name High Contrast needs no introduction anymore... the Welsh wonder has smashed his way through the Drum and Bass scene and has become one of its iconic and much respected heroes.

Welsh-born electronic musician, producer, DJ and remixer Lincoln Barrett AKA High Contrast is the master of melodic, melancholic jungle: hardcore with a harmonic core.


1. A Few Notes from the Underground
2. Windows 95
3. Going Up
4. Rhythm is Changing [feat. LOWES]
5. Time is Hardcore [feat. Kate Tempest and Anita Blay]
6. Met Her at a Dance in Leicester [feat. UK Apache]
7. The Future is a Mirror That Eats
8. Disk 2
9. Arcadia [feat. BIM]
10. Hold on Me
11. Snare the Blame
12. More Brilliant Than the Sun
13. Dolphin
14. A Mind Forever Voyaging

About this product: this is available in CD and 2LP formats.

The 2LP is pressed on standard black vinyl.