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Pharoah Sanders And Idris Muhammad - Africa 2LP

Pharoah Sanders And Idris Muhammad - Africa 2LP

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On the album "Africa" from 1987 Sanders plays with an all-star line-up consisting of Idris Muhammad, John Hicks and Curtis Lundy. Muhammad brings his trademark tight sense of timekeeping, but with a looseness that we love – and Lundy’s warm soulful bass does more than enough to give the set a sound bottom- all this while Hick’s free lyrical piano works nicely with Sander’s spiritual horn.

The brilliant ‘Africa sessions’ features the quartet at their best... soulful but also searching for a strong groove at the same time.

The music here is less ornamented than on most of Sanders’ studio recordings, where sextets, septets or larger lineups have been the norm, but this brilliant effort here remains every bit as compelling. Pharoah and his crew play with the utmost sensitivity and give a demonstration that shows us the full extent of their skills.


1. You've Got to Have Freedom
2. Naima
3. Origin
4. Speak Low
5. After the Morning
6. Africa
7. Heart to Heart
8. Duo

About this product: this reissue is pressed on 2x 180g black vinyl.