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Sepultura - SepulQuarta CD/2LP

Sepultura - SepulQuarta CD/2LP

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While the pandemic paralyzed the entire world and prevented bands from touring, Latin America's biggest metal export Sepultura refused to sit back and act like an animal trapped in a cage.

Like the flowers growing out of the deceased bird’s body depicted on the stunning colourful cover artwork by Eduardo Recife, the thrash metal pioneers from Belo Horizonte made good use of their unexpected free time to start a project that kept them busy throughout the entirety of 2020.

"SepulQuarta was born at the very beginning of the pandemic when everything was halted”, guitarist Andreas Kisser remembers, “We had a new album out, but we couldn’t tour for it. Therefore, we created this recurring event where we could talk with our fans around the world, play our music and exchange ideas, it was a blast! SepulQuarta kept us alive and strong throughout one of the most difficult times in human history.”

Obviously, the Brazilian pioneers were not the only musicians feeling this way, so they started to connect with friends and colleagues worldwide and asked them to not only be part of their weekly podcast, but also join them in playing one of Sepultura’s classics tracks. From the safety of their homes, international stars like David Ellefson, Scott Ian, Danko Jones, Devin Townsend, Matt Heafy and many more recorded a Sepultura track together with the band, which have now been mixed and mastered by Conrado Ruther.


1. Territory [feat. David Ellefson]
2. Cut-Throat [feat. Scott Ian]
3. Sepulnation [feat. Danko Jones]
4. Inner Self [feat. Phil Rind]
5. Hatred Aside [feat. Fernanda Lira, Angelica Burns and Mayara Puertas]
6. Mask [feat. Devin Townsend]
7. Fear, Pain, Chaos, Suffering [feat. Emmily Barreto]
8. Vandals Nest [feat. Alex Skolnick]
9. Slave New World [feat. Matt Heafy]
10. Ratamahatta [feat. Joao Barone and Charles Gavin]
11. Apes of God [feat. Rob Cavestany]
12. Phantom Self [feat. Mark Holcomb]
13. Slaves of Pain [feat. Fred Leclereq and Marcello Pompeu]
14. Kaiowas [feat. Rafael Bittencourt]
15. Orgasmatron [feat. Phil Campbell]

About this product: this is available on CD and 2LP formats.

The CD comes in a jewelcase.

The 2LP is pressed on 2x 180g black vinyl, housed in a thick gatefold sleeve.