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PJ Harvey - Let England Shake LP

PJ Harvey - Let England Shake LP

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Reissue of the eighth PJ Harvey studio album "Let England Shake". The album was produced by PJ Harvey, Flood and John Parish and originally released in Feburary 2011.

Polly Jean Harvey released her eighth album on Valentine's Day - which was partly recorded in a church in her home county of Dorset. Harvey shifted from White Chalk's gaunt piano ballads to a broader sound that is no less feverish and close to the bone.

Imagine a minimalist take on her debut album Dry's folk-blues tilt, all urgent and wiry rhythm. It was recorded mostly live with multi-instrumental support from the long-serving John Parrish and (former Bad Seed) Mick Harvey. But there are subtle additions; the signature horse 'n' hounds bugle leading the hunt is woven into a shifty The Glorious Land, the Bulgarian Women's choral wail on the otherwise skeletal England.

It features the singles The Words That Maketh Murder and The Glorious Land, and was the second album in the catalogue to win the UK’s Mercury Music Prize. This reissue is faithful to the original recording and package, cutting by Jason Mitchell at Loud Mastering under the guidance of original co-producer John Parish.


1. Let England Shake
2. The Last Living Rose
3. The Glorious Land
4. The Words That Maketh Murder
5. All and Everyone
6. On Battleship Hill
7. England
8. In the Dark Places
9. Bitter Branches
10. Hanging in the Wire
11. Written on the Forehead
12. The Colour of the Earth

About this product: this reissue is pressed on 180g black vinyl. Includes a download code.